Saturday, September 5, 2015

Quiche on a whim...

It was 2pm and I hadn’t yet eaten.  I was hungry but really wanted something satisfying, not just something quick.  I had just been to the grocery store and was trying to stuff my freezer with the meat and frozen fruits and veggies I’d just purchased when I saw the pie crust….  I sometimes like to keep one in the freezer in case of “emergency".  Well this one had been in there for a while so it was time to put it to use.

I love eggs and was considering a quick egg sandwich anyway, so this was a perfect, much tastier alternative.  I didn’t have a recipe – I just started throwing in some cheeses and veggies I had in the fridge/freezer.  Of course I needed a little bacon too, so I chopped up a few slices and cooked those until crisp.  Here’s what I ended up with:

4 whole eggs
4 egg whites
½ cup milk
¾ - 1 cup cheese of your choice – I used a mix of grated asiago, grated parmesan, and a couple slices of pepper jack that I tore into pieces
½ red bell pepper, diced, sautéed
3 scallions, thinly sliced – white and green parts, lightly sautéed
½ cup frozen chopped kale, thawed and drained
¼ - ½ cup frozen corn kernels
3 strips bacon – chopped and cooked until crisped, drained on paper towel
Pinch of garlic powder
Salt & Pepper to taste

A few notes –
  • When adding onions and /or veggies, be sure to sauté them for a few minutes first to get some of the water out – you don’t want a soupy quiche!  Plus, that sauté will add some good caramelized flavor.  Let them cool a little before stirring them into the eggs.
  • Beat the eggs slightly with a fork then add the milk and beat again.  Slowly add and stir all additional ingredients together and pour into unbaked pie crust.
  • I baked this at 375 degrees on a preheated cookie sheet for 30 minutes, and then let it rest out of the oven, still on the cookie sheet, for 10 minutes before serving.  It was perfectly tender and held together nicely.
  • Don’t be afraid to just go with the flow in the kitchen.  That’s the beauty of cooking, it’s often an experiment – and if you think ingredients sound good together, then they probably are.