Wednesday, April 27, 2011

O Canada!

Recently several friends and I went on a trip out to Whistler, British Columbia for some late-season skiing and general revelry.  And revel we did.  From activities during the day, to dinners out or cooking at home, or consuming more of the tastiest Ciders than I ever have in a week, it was a great time.

I skied for the first time ever and actually enjoyed it, despite the fact that I struggled my way down a green run….  It was a west coast green run darnnit and as most east coasters know, it’s a whole different animal than what we are used to back here at home.  I tell you what – I kicked ass on the lesson hill….me and the three year olds! J  So would I do it again?  Of course.  People who know me know that I can’t stand when I am unable to do things well…which means now that I’ve skied, I have to learn to be good at it.  Guard yourselves on the slopes next year!

A couple other firsts last week….snowshoeing and ziplining, both were so much fun!!  You’ve got to check out this zipline trek I did – it was really cool, and not at all as scary as I thought it would be.  I did the Eagle Tour with the Peak to Peak combo and I highly recommend it.

Now let’s get to the food…

Since we were staying in a friend’s house we were able to have home cooked meals whenever we wanted.  I know some people think of vacation as a time when they don’t have to cook, but for me, vacation means I get to cook more since I actually have the time!  We had some really great food – fish night (fresh halibut) with black beans and quinoa, lasagna night (spinach and turkey sausage) with salad and garlic bread, taco night (beef and chicken) with all the fixins’ as well as steak night with mac n cheese and grilled veggies.  My friend’s husband and I did the majority of the cooking and I think we did a damn fine job!  We did get a couple nights off, no worries.  J

Great restaurant in Vancouver - check it out!!
Finally, for those of you unfamiliar with Grower’s Cider, poor you.  If you like hard ciders, this is the stuff for you.  It comes in lots of delicious flavors (as evidenced by the picture below) and the ABV is 7%, which is quite high….in fact it’s higher than lots of beers.  They even sell it in 2 liter bottles!  Don’t bother trying to find it in the States though – been there, done that – it won’t be sold here anytime soon.  You’ll just have to head north and visit all of the insanely nice people in Canada (and no, they’re not fooling you, they really are THAT nice).  Enjoy the pics!