Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Road Cookies Really Hit The Road.....

I haven’t been baking as much as I used to and I miss it!  It’s difficult to get an office full of ladies to eat a ton of baked goods on a regular basis and I certainly can’t have everything hanging around my place.  But, I wanted to get back to it, it’s a release for me – and honestly, once you’ve had a taste of my baking, oh yeah….it’s on!  J

I saw on Facebook that one of my friends was part of something called Operation Baking GALS, a community organization that sends baked goods to troops overseas.  Perfect!  I get to bake up a storm and ship them off so I’m not sitting on the couch eating them myself, while doing something good for someone else….I signed up right away.

There aren’t really any rules about what you can or can’t bake, which is great, it will allow me some creativity, but for the first round, I wanted to make something that would rope people in and have them remember my name….hence, the road cookies (see post from Sept. 2010).  Get ready fellas, you’re not going to know what hit you when you get these!

Here goes the first package, off to Afghanistan......