Monday, January 23, 2012

Party for Panda!

Let me set the scene – black & white crepe paper and Chinese lanterns hung across the ceiling, strategically stacked black & white plates and Kung Fu Panda napkins on the counter, a panda cake hidden safely out of view in the closet, bunches of black & white balloons placed around the room….this must be a child’s theme party, right?  You’d think.  I’ll add a few extra elements to clear things up – vodka punch mixed and ready, frig stocked with various beers and additional bottles of vodka and the play list arranged with Silversun Pickups “Lazy Eye” right at the top, per the birthday boy’s request (which we heard no less than 15 times throughout the night).  That’s right folks, this was an adult birthday party – for my 34 year old brother in fact. 

My brother happens to be Asian and sometime over the years his dear friends dubbed him “Panda”, not to make fun of him, but as a term of endearment.  And while he’s most certainly not vegetarian as pandas are, he does have a vase with bamboo in his kitchen…just sayin’.

Here are some pics of the party food which consisted of the following – all made by myself and some friends:

1) Mini tacos with all the fixins, his favorite food (1 point for nurture!)
2) 3 kinds of mini sandwiches- beef & swiss/turkey & provolone/tomato & mozzarella
3) Panda cake - made and decorated by yours truly
4) Cupcakes from the leftover cake batter 

Tostitos Scoops become mini-tacos

Tomato Mozzarella Pesto
Roast Beef & Swiss

The party was a great success.  Everyone left happy and full of both food and beverage.  We didn’t even make it out dancing as we were supposed to as the last guests didn’t leave until around 3am – good times for sure.  Happy Birthday Panda!

**On a side note, after showing off my cake decorating skills to a co-worker, I have now been commissioned to make a cake of the Patriots logo for her Superbowl party – hmm, I may have to start a little side business…**


Beth992 said...

Yummm..good stuff!!! You're a nice sister :)