Monday, May 7, 2012

Granola Bars - Second Attempt - Seed Fest!

Improvement, definite improvement this time around.  I changed the make-up of these bars a little to include all the various seeds I had on hand – sunflower, pumpkin and flax – and I baked them a few minutes longer to try and hold them together.  Success all around…great flavor from the roasted seeds and bars that didn’t crumble.  I brought them in to work and heard only good things – that they were better than store bought, they had great texture and colors from the seeds, that they look so healthy and still taste really good...etc.  So Ina, thanks again – this is a great template recipe that I will most certainly be making again and again.  I won't bore you all with the recipe again - visit my post from April 1, 2012.