Sunday, May 2, 2010

Wines of France

If you like wine and have never heard of Washington Wine Academy, you should take a look at their website ( They are a great little company that was founded about 11 years ago.  They offer lots of classes for anyone from the serious wine connoisseur looking for a Certification to the enthusiast that may just want a down and dirty 1-Hour cram session.  

I've participated in a couple Volunteer events for them over the last year or so (including the Washington DC International Food & Wine Festival) and it's always a good time.  You go and help organize or pour wine for a couple hours and as payment you get into the event free of charge - not a bad deal!!

This past Thursday I took one of their 1-Hour Sessions, called the Wines of France, in their new Wine Education center in Crystal City.  How can you learn all about French Wines in an hour?  Well, obviously that's impossible, but I did learn a bit about each of the wine growing regions and what types of grapes are grown in each.  Even though it's a classroom setting, it's pretty informal.  The instructor lectures but questions are welcome at any time and at the end when you tastes the wines (we tasted 6) it turned into more of a back and forth banter with everyone.  The best part was that the class was just over $20 - I've taken MANY classes in the DC area and this is by far the least expensive with no lack of quality or information.

So check them out - they promise a summer full of fun activities...perhaps I'll see you at one of them!