Monday, May 17, 2010

Italian Food hits the Hill - Acqua al 2

I recently checked out one of the newest additions to Capitol Hill, an Italian restaurant whose only other locations are in Florence and San Diego.  Yes folks, good old DC actually got something before New York - take that NYC!!!

My friends and I had a great experience.  While the wait staff was still a little "fresh" (give them a couple weeks to get comfortable and settle in and really learn the kitchen's capabilities), the restaurant itself was super cute and the Owner/Manager(?) at the front was very nice.  I mean really, he even showed me around the place after my meal and then walked me out the front door and waved often does that happen?!  The very Italian chef delivered one of our dishes himself and checked to make sure everything was ok...again, a pretty rare experience. 

As for the food - I found it to be like most other restaurants in that you love some dishes and others are just ok.  What I do love about Acqua al 2 is that they offer several Chef's Choice flights, and I don't mean of wine.  There is a pasta flight, a steak flight, a dessert flight, etc.  What a great idea!  Since it was our first time there we opted for the pasta and steak, both of which I highly recommend.  This way, you can figure out what you like and just order that the next time you go.  I'll very likely be getting the rigatoni with eggplant or a filet with green peppercorn sauce sometime in the near future.....delicious!!

Definitely give them a try - its a little bit of Italy right here in Eastern Market.


italian kitchen said...

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Anonymous said...

Was that the owner/manager from the restaurant? cool!
I love italian food..real italian food- they know how to get it right- healthy, tasty, filling...and oh yes, let the wine flow!