Monday, September 12, 2011

Baking GALS Round 3 - White Trash Anyone?


Odd question, I know.  I’d bet there are plenty of people who would say “yes” to that before even knowing what kind of white trash I’m referring to!  Hmmm…we won’t go there.  J

This kind of white trash is much better than the other kind and it’s super easy to make.  Combine a bunch of cereals together with some pretzels and peanuts, melt some white chocolate and mix well.  That’s pretty much it.  When it’s all mixed, turn it out onto waxed paper and let it cool completely.  Only thing to note is that white chocolate doesn’t melt the same way that regular chocolate does.  It becomes stirable, but not pourable.  I had to scrape the melted chocolate from the pan and use my hands (don’t worry, I had my trusty latex gloves on) to gently squish everything together.

So simple and quite delicious….the perfect combination of salty and sweet.  And for those of you who claim not to like white chocolate, try it anyway, trust me.   I hope the fellas like it, it went out in the mail today!

Adapted from recipe by Alton Brown

3 cups rice chex
3 cups corn chex
3 ½ cups cheerios
2 ½ cups roasted salted peanuts
2 cups small pretzels – I used sticks and broke them in half
2 bags (11oz each) white chocolate chips

After - yum!!

**UPDATE**  I have since learned from a very reliable source on the matter, that the trick may be to add a little Crisco oil (meaning vegetable oil I believe) to the white chocolate chips as you're melting them.