Monday, September 19, 2011

So Long to Summer with Sweet Corn Ravioli

I’ve been delinquent in posting this recipe and with only 3 days officially left of summer I figured I better hurry up!  I actually made this a while ago…twice in fact.  The first time, I was at the beach in NC with friends and corn on the cob wasn’t available so I had to use frozen corn.  It was tasty, but when I changed the ingredients a bit the second time around it was definitely better.  This sounds like such a fancy dish, but believe me, other than it being a little time consuming to make, it’s actually quite simple.  And what couldn’t be good about sweet white summer corn, pasta and a white wine butter sauce?  DELICIOUS!!! (Except to those of you who have an aversion to corn on the cob that I will never understand J)  

I didn’t use a recipe for this.  I just thought about the flavor/texture profile I was going for (creamy, sweet, salty, tastes like corn – obvs) and combined all the ingredients then doled blobs out onto gyoza wrappers – asian dumpling wrappers that are the perfect way to make ravioli quickly – folded them over, sealed them and that was that.  The trick to sealing them so they won’t pop open during cooking is to use a mixture of egg and water and rub a little all the way around the inside edge of the wrappers.  After folding them into half-moons, press the edges with a fork to secure the seal.  Like I said, easy, but time consuming.

Here’s what went into the ravioli:

4 oz goat cheese (I used mascarpone the first time – stick with goat, more flavor)
1 cup ricotta
Sweet White Corn from 4 cobs
Salt, to taste
Garlic powder, to taste
Parmesan, for sprinkling before serving

For the sauce, see my recipe from May 16, 2011 – Fish with White Wine Sauce.  Just add a little less lemon juice, and throw in a couple pinches of dried thyme.

Oh, and for good measure, sprinkle some bacon on top as I did.  Mmmmmm, bacon.